Vanderstraeten raises his glass in Oudsbergen

The year-old business club OCO from Oudsbergen has a new president. Notary Dirk Vanderstraeten takes the gavel. He succeeds Ethel Erdekens.

OCO, which stands for Ondernemingsclub Oudsbergen, unites companies located in the industrial areas of Oudsbergen. The club is known for the close association between its members and well-attended activities. The Board of Directors also has a high profile in municipal circles, where it advocates for the interests of local businesses.

At a recent New Year’s reception, the presidency of the association was transferred from Ethel Eerdekens (Jos Eerdekens Betonvloeren) to Notary Dirk Vanderstraeten (Notalim). He also introduced the other members of the renewed Board of Directors: with Vice-Chairman Marijke Veltjens (TSSI MAN), Secretary Tim Stenkens (Limoco), Treasurer Hilda Moors (Moors-Meekers) and board members Luc Janssen (Jojo Systems) and Greit Keersmekers (Mathieu Gijbels), where the New Year’s reception was held), Ethel Eerdekens (Jos Eerdekens Betonvloeren) and Koen Goossens (Goossens Metaal).

The new president announced an exciting year of work with great enthusiasm. Special, because OCO has been around for exactly 30 years. One of the most prominent events of this anniversary is the completion of years of road works in the industrial area. The moment that all Oudsbergen entrepreneurs look forward to, and they will surely be raising their glass again soon!

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