Vivaldi hoax case: Will Belgium boycott the UN Conference against Racism?

On September 22, the United Nations will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Durban Conference, which was symbolically held in South Africa in 2001, to address racism around the world. In the same period as the annual opening of the United Nations, it was destined to become a large mass for tolerance.

  • But more and more countries are sending their cats, because the conference It became very controversial Because of the hard-line positions of Israel. Opponents explicitly call it “anti-Semitism.” The list of absent countries is now quite impressive: the United States, Canada and Australia, but also a number of European countries including Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.
  • Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron also announced that he would not come for the same reason. We will fight all forms of racism and We are hopeful that this conference will be held in the spirit of the founding principles to the United Nations”.
  • In the House of Representatives, N-VA Member of Parliament Michael Freilich has repeatedly asked the government about its position. But so far, Secretary of State Sophie Velmis (MR) is shutting her mouth. What is this government waiting for? On the one hand, he addressed issues of gender discrimination, racism and gender On the other hand, turn a blind eye to anti-Semitism. Obviously, left-wing mediators can do that.”
  • The N-VA also wants the Belgian government to explicitly boycott the conference.
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