VK gives the green light to test by delivery via drones: the logistics sector is always changing

The United Kingdom is conducting an initial series of tests Parcel delivery via drones. The world of courier services and logistics will soon turn upside down. To do this, the drones must first pass the test phase well.

Drones are unmanned aerial vehicles that are remotely controlled by pilots who rely entirely on the device’s camera and sensors. The same devices, which sometimes sound like a big bug when they pass your house, can quickly deliver parcels to the UK. Or at least, if all goes well during the first tests of British aviation regulation.

Currently, drones are not allowed to fly in the UK without seeing their pilots, even with a license. In most cases it is forbidden to fly over populated areas. Similar rules apply in Belgium. Therefore, until now it has not been possible to deliver parcels by drones in residential areas.

From British Civil Aviation Authority However, (CAA) has now authorized Sees.ai to fly its drones out of sight at three test sites in the UK. If these tests are carried out safely, the door is wide open for permanent change in the logistics world.

‘Important first step for delivery via drones’

During the tests, a few pilots will be allowed to fly their drones several thousand meters away from their starting position. Tests will also be conducted in uninhabited industrial areas, Inform the CAA.

John McKenna, CEO of Sees.ai, left Financial Times You know that these initial tests are an important first step in improving the sensor and camera technology used to control drones. According to McKenna, drones can deliver parcels almost anywhere without human assistance.

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McKenna compares these tests to those of self-driving cars. They are currently being tested for the flu in the UK, although there is always the option to take the driving yourself. This is not the case with courier drones.


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