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The Volunteer Academy at VrijwilligersCentrale Haarlemmermeer, part of Meer Waarde, organizes special workshops and trainings for volunteers in Haarlemmermeer. It can often be followed for free. In this way, the volunteer can develop his skills and is also a token of appreciation for all the efforts made.

On Thursday June 9th there will be a Positive Health Workshop. Positive health is an approach that focuses on a meaningful life for people (rather than illness), and the emphasis is on resilience, self-direction, and adaptability.

During the workshop you will gain insights into your own life and how you can properly use the Positive Health tool, for example in your volunteer work.

At Pacific Health, we look at, based on 44 questions, where you are now in your life and what or who you need to be able to make a move. The Positive Health Method consists of 6 pillars that are equally important to your health.

Do you want to know how you can use Positive Health in your life and the lives of the people you work for? In this workshop we will explore together what you desire and what or who you need to become (even) more resilient in life. Sign up and stay positive and healthy!

Thursday 9th June

19:00-21:00 hours

Hut Kattegat District Center


More information or to sign up: https://www.haarlemmermeervoorelkaar.nl/cursusaanbod/2644

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