VVD: The government must be prepared for the Chinese attack on Taiwan

The rare unified House of Representatives urges a more assertive stance on communist China and support for threatened Taiwan. But outgoing Foreign Minister Ben Knappen (CDA) is sticking to a cautious approach. Reporter Eric Friesen An inventory of dilemmas in The Hague.

From the SGP to the PvdA, from the Forum to the D66 and from the PVV to the DENK, all political groups are highly critical of Beijing. In a few recent parliamentary debates, only SP member Jasper van Dijk caused slight jarring when he suggested that the AUKUS alliance between the US, UK and Australia might be in violation of the NPT. After all, US nuclear technology could end with Australia.

But the Socialist Party also denounces “China’s intimidation against the people of Taiwan”. Dirk Jan Ebenk (JA21) joke was laughed at across the room: “The financial support for the founding of the CPC in the 1970s turned out to be a bad investment for the CCP.”

Research on the long arm of China

There is no topic on which parliamentary blocs agree so much as about China. Shurd Shoresma (D66) is calling for a parliamentary inquiry into secret Chinese influence on universities and business. He spoke of “China’s long arm” as undermining democracy.

Robin Breckelmanns (VVD) wants a ‘task team’ to make the Netherlands less dependent on China. He also wants the cabinet to draw up scenarios on how to respond to a possible Chinese attack on Taiwan.

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