Walk with Pink Mars Against Breast Cancer: “Take 10,000 steps a day is as effective as moving for an extra half hour”

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The Pink Ribbon, a non-profit organization that fights breast cancer, invites everyone to participate in the Pink March. The goal is to take at least 10,000 steps daily for a month. Scientific research shows that a healthy lifestyle helps prevent cancer. More exercise is very important.”

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“By participating in De Roze Mars, you are not only working for your health, but you are also supporting a good cause,” says Pink Ribbon. Currently, 100,000 women in our country are fighting breast cancer. With the funds raised, Pink Ribbon supports concrete projects in the fight against this disease. Join the fight against breast cancer and get more exercise.”

One of the faces of De Roze Mars is the radio presenter and columnist for Billie Evi Hanssen. She has been committed to breast cancer prevention for years and knows from her family how difficult the breast cancer process can be. With her embassy, ​​she now also wants to share her story and encourage others to practice more. For example, she has a walking podcast herself, walkie talkie† In it, Evi discusses all kinds of topics of interest to her with relatives or friends.

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And these 10,000 steps, about 7 to 8 kilometers, were not chosen by chance. Experts have been advising for years that we should do more exercise to stay fit and maintain our weight. Target? Take 10,000 steps a day. “Because research has shown that this has the same positive effect on your health as an extra half hour of exercise per day,” says the Flemish Institute for Healthy Living. “You can take steps anywhere: at work, while traveling, in your spare time or at home. So 10,000 steps works for everyone, even for those who enjoy sports less or have very little time. For people over 65, it is recommended 8000 steps a day.

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Participants can communicate with The new online platform From De Roze Mars where their step activity can be recorded. You can participate as an individual, team or company. The event now has at least 12,000 participants and over 71,000 euros have already been raised.

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