Walking or cycling on slippery roads? some advices

Cycling and walking in the biting cold on slippery snow roads will be a challenge next week. some advices.

With th Bicycle Snowy Road Challenges: It’s not fun. However, there are some ways to make your shift as comfortable and hassle-free as possible.

Lower the saddle slightly. This makes it easier for you to reach the ground with your feet.

• Select a lower gear. This way you don’t have to put a lot of force on the pedals. Because the more difficult the pedal is, the greater the chance that the rear wheel will break.

• Let the air out of your tires. If the tire surface on the road surface is larger, you will have more tenacity. You don’t have to drive with very soft tires, but inflated solid tires are unsafe anyway on slippery roads. When the frost is over, you can inflate the tire again.

Little or no brakes. When you brake on a slippery surface, you always slide. So just take it a little on the bike.

• You are allowed to bike on the road when the bike path is slippery or snowy. “ In fact, if the bike path is impassable, through a pothole, parked car, trash bags, or business, you can bike on the road, ” says Roel De Cleen of Fietsersbond.

But when is the cycle path passable? It is self-governing. If you as a cyclist think that the bike path is dangerous or impassable due to something static, you can ride on the road. People or other cyclists are not obstacles, you have to ask them to get off the road. By the way, an agent can rule differently. If they think the bike path is walkable, you can be fined for not riding on the cycle path, but if everyone uses common sense, this is rarely a problem.

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Also for pedestrians Is there advice to avoid fractures and bruises of the limbs.

• Step like a penguin. German doctors have always advised you to go very slowly and with small steps on slippery roads. Try not to distribute your weight across your legs – as people usually do – but shift your center of gravity to your front leg. Like a penguin.

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