‘Doctor Who’ is fully updated in its thirteenth season

Thanks for having a new accessory, this will be an updated series again.

Who is the doctor Significantly updated. Last New Year’s Day, the series took charge The Revolution of Talek Say goodbye to two guys. At the same time it was announced that John Bishop would play the new comrade Dana.

Bishop is a well-known comedian in England. Thanks to him being in the new season, it will be so beautiful and different anyway, says Shoraner Chris Chipnall.

Fresh taste
“I’m always looking forward to seeing different actors I love.” Said by Chip. “There are many great comedians who have shown themselves to be great actors. Think of Robbie Goldrane on the cracker. And John [Bishop] Someone I had my eyes on for some time. “

Thanks to him, it will be very special in the new season of the science fiction series.

“John and his character give this series a very different flavor. We want him to be a part of our cast.” Said by Chip. Thus the actor will team up with TARDIS and Dr. Jodi Whittaker in the thirteenth season.

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