Wallet and Health are getting a lot better (here’s why)

According to rumors, the Wallet app and Health app in iOS 17 are getting a lot better. We tell you what these innovations are and what the new apps will look like!

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The Wallet and Health app is new in iOS 17

Apple is said to be revamping a number of apps in iOS 17, including the Wallet app and the Health app. Last week, the usually trusted Apple analyst Mark Gurman already predicted that Wallet would receive a major update in iOS 17. The Health app has now been added as well.

It is not yet clear what new functions will come to the apps, but for now they are the first iOS 17 drafts from Twitter941 user analyst surfaced. These concepts give us an idea of ​​what we can (maybe) expect from new applications.

The wallet gets different categories

The first concepts show that the portfolio will become fundamentally clearer. The app is getting a new menu bar at the bottom of the screen in iOS 17. This menu contains different categories, such as Payment Cards, Keys, and ID Cards. This way it will be easier to find a pass quickly. Now you still have to scroll through all of your cards, but this is no longer necessary with the menu bar.

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In the updated Wallet app, a distinction is also made between cards and passes. As a result, your payment cards will soon be on a different tab than, for example, admission tickets or store cards. This way you will find all your cards in iOS 17 much faster.

The Health app becomes more visible in iOS 17

In addition to the Wallet app, the Health app will also receive a major update in iOS 17. First drafts show that Health is becoming more visible in the new iOS version. Where you now see all health data below each other in the app, in iOS 17 you’ll find all data in boxes next to each other. This way you can refer to more health data at once.

According to rumors, the entire Apple Health app will not change. Only the tab containing the overview of all data is set. The Share and Data options will remain the same in iOS 17.

More news in iOS 17: Lock screen sharing

In iOS 17, a number of (small) functions are also being added to your iPhone’s lock screen. It will soon be possible to share your personal lock screen with friends. This way you can easily import the lock screen you want, without having to recreate it yourself. This is already possible with Apple Watch discs and will soon also be with your iPhone.

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In addition, the different lock screens in iOS 17 are no longer next to each other, but you can find them in a grid. Soon you’ll see more than nine layouts at the same time and can swipe to choose a different layout. In iOS 17, Apple mainly focuses on making the various functions more visible.

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The new iOS update will come out in September

Some apps (including Wallet and Health) are rumored to be getting a complete redesign in iOS 17. The update is likely to be announced on June 5th and will be available to install on all supported iPhones in September. Curious if you can install iOS 17 on your iPhone? Check out which iPhones will receive iOS 17 support here.

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