WarioWare’s Detective Game Details: Get It Together!

Discover the new information released in Game Informer’s hands-on preview here! New modes, characters, and more!

From hands-on with Game Informer, many new details about the different game modes have emerged. Here is a summary of the preview:

The story revolves around Wario, who accidentally creates an evil game that sucks Wario and his friends. Wario and his friends soon have to complete all the themes of the game and escape. Once you start the story mode, you will quickly get the option to select three characters. You will use these characters to tackle various mini-games. Each character has a unique ability that can make a mini-game easier or more difficult. So it is important that you choose the right characters for the right topic. It’s not just characters, it’s characters that have appeared in many WarioWare titles for a long time.

As with other WarioWare titles, you’re dealing with mini-games. In these mini games you have some time to complete the level goal. If you don’t do this, you will lose a life. If all four lives are lost, the game will be over. That doesn’t change when you play with two players, you share four lives together. Each piece of the story has a boss fight at the end. The themes of the mini-games are random and very distinct, not much different from previous WarioWare titles. With no less than 200 different mini-games, you have enough content to keep you occupied for a while.

There is a mode called Variety Pack that acts as a hub for party-style mini-games. In addition, you have a mode called Daily Grind. Here you can navigate through different 2D levels with up to four players. Every time you get a power here, you automatically switch characters. When a player dies, the next level starts automatically. This leaves out all the points you earned during the previous level. Puck ‘er Up is another mode that can be played at the center of the Variety Pack. This mode is for two to four players and is based on the classic air hockey game with a WarioWare twist.

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Additionally, you have another mode called Play-O-Pedia, where you can replay all the mini-games you’ve played so far. There is also a mode where you can play different mini games with different characters. This way you will immediately see which characters you can use best with the mini-games. Moreover, in the crew part of the game, you can give gifts to the characters and talk to them. Giving a character the right gift will make them even more powerful. Buy gifts with Wario coins

Finally, you have Wario-Cup, where you have to play mini games in a competitive manner. After the mini games you will be uploaded to the leaderboard. Will you be the best WarioWare player?!

This is all that is known about WarioWare: Get It Together!, will you get it?

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