Was your ex-boyfriend castrated? Thanks to the American Animal Shelter, this is possible, at least symbolically | The best thing on the internet

A New Jersey animal shelter wants to do something about the state’s feral cat problem with a “catch, spay and release program.” “Because some things shouldn’t reproduce,” he says with a laugh in an Instagram post. However, the practice of trapping and spaying is nothing but a joke, explains Eric Schwartz of the animal shelter. “If we don’t all work together proactively,” she said, “if you castrate them and neuter them and then release them again, they will continue to reproduce.” This way, the number of feral cats will continue to increase.” Veterinarians agree that it is an animal-friendly way to keep the feral cat population under control.

A donation of $50 (about €46) is enough to give one of those stray cats your ex’s name, after which the animal becomes sterile, and hopefully you can alleviate some of your frustration. Anti-Valentine’s Day promotions like this have been a trend for some time. Last year, for example, the San Antonio Zoo in Texas launched a campaign where you could give a cockroach the name of your ex. At an American waste processing company, broken people can name a rubbish bin after their ex.

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