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In KIJK: Het Experiment, science journalist Diederik Jekel and KIJK Editor Laurien Onderwater discuss science’s most private experiments in an accessible way. Episodes overview and nice video.

in Find it Find it an experience Science journalist Diederik Jekel and KIJK Editor Laurien Onderwater discuss the most beautiful, ridiculous, and most pointless experiments. In addition, the scientists themselves will speak, and Daedric and Lorian will conduct experiments. They want all of it Watch: the experiment Achieve maximum listening to podcasts in low countries. So it is an experience in itself.

All episodes of KIJK: The Experiment

episode 1 It is about scientists who conduct experiments on themselves. From sixty years of daily finger-claps to laughing cows, and from the first traffic victim to Mr. Murphy and his laws. Some scientists go to great lengths to find out by doing experiments on themselves. Daedric and Lorient talking to Robin Cops. He developed an artificial pancreas in his hut and tested it on himself to revolutionize medicine.

Episode 2 It’s all about paranoid experiences. A device several kilometers long that can tell us more about how the universe works. Limburg is in the running as the location for this new hypersensitive artifact that will give humanity a new sense. The person who can tell you all about this is Stan Bentvelsen, director of the Particle Institute at Nikhef. But not before Lorient and Daedric discuss some of their more paranoid experiences.

in Episode 3 Daedric and Lorient discuss futile experiments. Do they really exist? No, because every experience – no matter how aimless it may seem at first glance – produces knowledge. Whether you’re looking for what kind of cheese like a mosquito, figuring out why a slice of bread always falls with the butter side to the floor, or analyzing the heartbeats of people who are on a blind date. Psychologist Mariska Crete tells us about this latest research!

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What happens if you put rats in a huge enclosure free of predators and give them unlimited access to food and water? something terrible. Deidrick and Lorient discuss these and other animal experiments Episode 4. Because in 2023, it’s a little crazy that we’re still experimenting on animals. Scientist Anders van der Meer tells us more about this. interesting? Then tune in to Episode 4 of KIJK: Het Experiment!

Episode 5 about seafloor research. We know less about the ocean floor than we do about the surface of Mars. And this is while the Egyptians already conducted the first underwater experiments about four thousand years ago. That will change, because new seafloor studies are on the agenda. Plus, we’ll talk about the plastic soup in our oceans. Maikki Guderian of the Royal Netherlands Institute for Marine Research (NIOZ) is doing interesting research on this with plastic-eating bacteria.

rubber hand

In each episode of the KIJK: The Experiment podcast, KIJK Editor Laurien Onderwater conducts an experiment herself. And although Diederik Jekel describes the tests in detail, it is also interesting to see them. Fortunately, with the experience from Episode 5 – the one with the fake rubber hand – we also have a picture!

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