Tech champion Constantijn decries Dutch regulatory push around AI

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Prince Constantijn condemns Cabinet call for regulation in artificial intelligence (AI) sector. Foreman of, a funding agency for tech start-ups, looks at the US and the UK and sees more potential in the sector. As a result, they have already made further progress in the field of AI, says a special envoy at the technology conference The Next Web.

“For example, our Secretary of State Alexandra van Haflen (for Digitization) was previously only negative about AI,” says Constantijn. “You can regulate the technology here, but it spreads in the Netherlands, and then you have no control. We find it strange that with this policy, the United States has all the major platforms,” ​​Prince says with a sense of humor. “We’re only talking about the risk side of AI here.”

Constantijn did not comment further on European legislation announced on Wednesday to regulate ChatGPT and other forms of AI. Van Haflen said in a response on Wednesday that the European Parliament was the first in the world to adopt rules to regulate AI, for example in the field of privacy, which is “proud”.

The US and the UK may be technologically ahead, but Constantijn sees some countries in the European Union, such as Estonia and Sweden, also succeeding. According to him, the Netherlands is not doing badly, but start-ups here rarely grow into big companies.

Constantijn sees a prime minister in the United Kingdom, for example, who engages in discussions about technology. “That’s very important. It’s a world where citizens and companies live. Our government is still limited. It’s not that easy either, look at the profile of our politicians. Very few people have any real knowledge of AI. The technology is already very embedded in the UK.

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