look. Chloe, 25, has ‘worst trip ever’ to a croissant: ‘I wish I didn’t have a panic attack’ | strange


Chloe Chapdelaine, 25, hasn’t eaten gluten for ten years since learning she had celiac disease. On her flight from Dubai to Los Angeles, she ordered a gluten-free meal. But after she ate half of the croissant, she had severe abdominal cramps and diarrhea.

“I was actually very happy that they didn’t forget my meal,” says Chloe. It said “gluten free”, so I thought the croissant she was given was. She said she vomited for an hour, but her symptoms got worse. Not only did she have severe cramps and diarrhea, she became extremely nauseous and her skin started to itch.

Chloe’s video was also seen by Emirates Airlines. The airline is “disappointed” and vows to investigate. “Emirates Airlines aims to meet all the specific needs of passengers by offering a range of special meals that cover as many medical, nutritional and religious requirements as possible,” Emirates said in a statement. “We take the safety and health of our customers very seriously.”

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