‘We are special…or are we?’ What does our evolution say? – Research group for the evolutionary morphology of vertebrates – University of Ghent

On 3-5 June 2022 Is everything all right Nerdland Festival By in Puyenbroeck Domain in Wachtebeke! Three days full of science for all, Belgium’s largest outdoor science festival. Hundreds of activities are planned, from podcasts, demos, workshops, lectures, performances, books, and more.

We also share. Dominic Adrian will on Sunday 5 June He took the audience on an evolutionary journey to see if we as human beings really were special.

We are naked animals, at least without fur. We have very big brains and are smarter than other animals. We walk on two legs instead of four. No other animals combine this like us. What makes all this so special? How have our bodies adapted throughout our evolution to be able to walk smoothly on two legs, and why did this happen? You might think this should only have benefits, but is it? So is it a coincidence that once our ancestors became so adept at walking on two legs, they also became naked and had big brains? Diving into our bodies and our evolutionary past provides an answer to all of that.

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