We work together on a stronger and healthier Rheden and Rozendaal

The municipality of Rieden / Roosendaal – Together, a stronger healthy life, this is what the municipalities of Rieden and Roosendaal symbolize. Recently, municipalities, dozens of organizations, institutions, companies and associations worked on the Rheden Rozendaal protective agreement.

On Thursday, October 20, they confirmed the cooperation by signing the prevention agreement. More partners can join and initiatives will be eligible for financial contribution and support in 2022 and 2023.

This Prevention Agreement contains steps to take all kinds of actions in the villages of Rheden and Rozendaal. The goal is for more residents to feel (more) comfortable with their skin, that financial fitness provides more energy and can also help others. By being more collaborative, being open to questions and ideas from residents, seeing signals at an early stage and doing activities that are joyful and accessible, people are more helpful. Anyone with a good idea can join.

Join as a partner!

The barring agreement is a plan by and for the Rheden and Rozendaal associations. All types of participating organizations and residents develop their own initiatives and seek cooperation. partner. In 2022 and 2023, there is scope for new promising initiatives and you can apply for a financial contribution to a joint plan. The state provides 40,000 euros for this purpose annually. As an organization or resident, do you have a great initiative for Rheden/Rozendaal Health? Then join as a partner and apply.

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The core group supports and evaluates plans

A core group of municipalities and welfare and welfare organizations support all partners in implementing the plans. The core group advises on implementation plans, connects the people and organizations involved and allocates the available implementation budget. All information about the implementation of the agreement can be found at www.samensterkergezond.nl.

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From the national agreement to the local

The Prevention Together Agreement is Stronger Health by Riden Rosendal is a local translation of the National Prevention Agreement, in which 70 national organizations have signed on to address overweight, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. The Local Prevention Convention aligns with two of these national key themes for a healthy lifestyle: being overweight and smoking. Additionally, research shows that many people in both municipalities feel lonely; So this is the third topic. Finally, cooperating parties are committed to activities that help people manage their money more wisely; their financial health.

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