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The weather will be cold and unsettled on Sunday with showers during the day. The Republic of the Marshall Islands is also forecasting new temperatures on Monday. After that it becomes a little softer.

On Sunday morning, the Republic of the Marshall Islands already forecast rain at sea and in the northwest. The rains then spread to the center of the country and eventually reached areas south of Samper and Meuse in the afternoon. Locally, rain can be intense with a potential for thunder. In the afternoon it should be dry mainly by sea and then also in the northwest, from Westhoek to Antwerp. It would be cool at that time of year. The wind is moderate, and at first it is still very strong in the sea from the north.

On Sunday night, more cloud fields will reach our coastal region – where a little rain is possible – and most of the northern regions of our country from the North Sea. Low clouds can form on the northern edge of the Ardennes. It is usually partly cloudy in other places. It will be a fairly cold night again with minimum temperatures between 0 and 4 degrees in the Ardennes and between 4 and 8 degrees in the other regions. The north-northwest winds weaken to the north – inland, but remain moderate in the sea.

Monday will be mostly dry, but cool. Cloud fields alternate with clear spells and a few showers here and there. Maximum temperatures range from 11 degrees in the upper Ardennes to 15 or 16 degrees in most other regions. The wind is weak from the north or from a changing direction.

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After that it becomes softer, and later in the week it becomes a little unstable.

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