North Korea cries out for ‘lean’ leader Kim Jong Un | abroad

State media reported that North Koreans are concerned about the health of their leader Kim Jong Un. The citizen, who was allowed to voice the residents’ concerns, saw the dictator on a screen in the street during a concert with propaganda songs about the North Korean regime. Reuters said it could not independently verify the photos. The state media rarely talks about Kim Jong-un’s health.

In April last year, there was already speculation about the dictator’s health condition after undergoing surgery. there was even Suspected dead or in a coma. But then he appeared in public again, albeit somewhat emaciated.

Kim Jong-un is estimated to be 37 years old. The man is 1.70 meters tall and, according to South Korean intelligence, could have weighed about 135 kilograms in November. The leader disappeared from public life for another month only to reappear in early June. Then it was noticed that Kim Jong-un lost massive weight as it is Beware of possible food shortages.

“It could be a simple issue of a healthier lifestyle or a more complex issue,” said Michael Brodka, a US intelligence officer in South Korea. “At the moment we don’t know, but this raises enough serious questions to monitor events in the coming months so we can find out.”

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