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Public service doctors on the verge of collapse after a six-month battle with the coronavirus have launched a national strike, the first in 25 years, to demand more recognition.

As a result of the social distancing measures and minimal services imposed by the authorities, only about 50 doctors protested in front of Parliament in Madrid, led by the National Confederation of Medical Workers’ Unions (CESM).

According to the CESM, about 85 percent of the 267,000 Spanish doctors took part in this strike, mostly symbolic, as they continued to care for their patients.

This national strike is the first in 25 years of Spanish health history. The actions of doctors in Spain are mostly regional, because the regions are competent in the field of health.

According to Sergio Cassabona, a gastroenterologist who campaigned for Parliament, the final straw for health care providers was a decree allowing doctors to be transferred to other hospital services if needed. The Health Ministry said it was a reform prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the CESM, the measure is the “most important attack on Spanish public health” in a long time.

With regard to health care, the Spanish government announced, on Tuesday, an increase in the public health budget by 151%, with the allocation of about three billion euros, of which 2.4 billion will come from the European recovery plan and intended for the purchase of vaccines and the strengthening of the public network of general practitioners.

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