Antwerp Governor Birx: ‘Don’t shut down completely Austerwil, work is done with clean soil’

The expert panel’s report is expected in mid-July. Thus, Lantis, developer of Oosterweel Connection, will have a good idea of ​​where PFOS is concentrated and where that soil is, Birx says. The county governor also ensures that contaminated soil will not leave the Oosterweel contact site. “Not with air, not with water, not by pushing the soil. This is very important.”

Birx adds that she is confident that Lantis will communicate very transparently about the business. “All measurement results can be read transparently on the Lantis and Health Care Agency websites. Possibly the most scrutinized yard in all of Flanders.”

Earlier, Flemish Public Works Minister Lydia Peters (Open VLD) had already said that work with unpolluted soils would continue. Antwerp Mayor Bart de Wever (N-VA) also rejected Queens’ proposal: “Stopping the largest mobility, quality of life, climate and health project of the century would be a huge mistake for the environment and public health, as toxicologists and activist groups also agreed.”

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