Weather report. A sunny and mild weekend for Pentecost, but not seaside Weather News

Saturday will be sunny with occasional high cloud fields and some cumulonimbus clouds. We will reach a maximum of 16 to 22 degrees, RMI predicts. It will also be sunny for the next few days.

look. Weatherman Frank Dubucag looks forward to the weather over the Pentecost Friday weekend

And on Saturday, there will still be moderate winds from the northeast and will be strong at sea in the afternoon. The coming night will be clear and cold to 7 to 11 degrees.

Sunday It is quite sunny although there are high veil clouds, and perhaps some inland altocumulus. We get a maximum of 15 to 23 degrees. Winds are moderate from the northeast, becoming very strong from the northeast, close to the sea.

Monday and Tuesday It remains nice with plenty of sunshine and occasionally some high clouds or altocumulus clouds. It will be a little warmer at a maximum of 14 or 15 degrees near the sea, 17 to 19 degrees in the middle, but further south we can still expect a maximum of 21 degrees. The northeastern wind continues to blow moderately inland and very strong in the coastal region.

by From Wednesday to Friday It is sunny spring weather with lots of sun. It will be a little warmer again with the high in the middle around 22 or 23 degrees on Wednesday, 23 or 24 degrees on Thursday and around 25 degrees on Friday. Near the sea it is a little cooler, especially in the afternoon.

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