What do I do with a disk full on my Mac?

People who use their Mac a lot and save a lot of programs or documents may have seen the message “Your Mac’s startup disk is full”. When you see this message, you know right away that the functionality and speed of your Mac is seriously compromised. Fortunately, there is one Solution If your startup disk is full of your Mac.

Solve your Mac problem

So it is important to solve this problem as quickly as possible so that you can use the internet or work to your heart’s content again. Solving this problem is actually quite simple, saves free space. You can do this by deleting files from your computer, moving documents to iCloud or an external hard drive, or installing an additional hard drive on your computer.

Delete the files from your Mac

The easiest way to get rid ofMac full boot diskThe thing to do is delete the documents, but we can imagine that you want to keep some things anyway. The cheapest way is to transfer your documents to iCloud or an external hard drive. If you must always have access to your documents, you can choose to install an additional hard drive. This is an especially useful option for those who use Mac professionally.

Responsibly free up space

Even if you want to keep a lot of documents, there are files that you no longer need. We recommend that you clean it well to make more space available. We notice regularly that people are completely hesitant to do this because they are afraid to get rid of important files. Here we’re sharing some tips that will help you clean your Mac, and you’ll find cleaning is really easy.

  1. Cache files
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When you visit websites, many of these websites leave traces on your computer. The reason they do this is to make it easier for you to visit. For example, these traces may consist of the search history of this website or the language you use. Of course it’s good for ease of use, but you don’t need much of those effects at all and it just causes your Mac to slow down. Thankfully, you can delete the cache files yourself. On your Mac, search for “caches” in the library and delete the files. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of anything you still need because websites will rebuild their caches on their own.

  1. language

Most programs can be set to multiple languages. Obviously, you only need the language that you speak yourself, and there is no point in the Chinese variant if you don’t speak that language at all. You can remove languages ​​that you do not use with some applications so that the programs take less space. You can do this under the “Package Contents” heading in the “Applications” menu in the Finder.

  1. Duplicate

You will be amazed at the number of duplicate documents that accumulate on your Mac over time. The main reason for this is to download your own document, video, music, or photo multiple times. It might feel like this doesn’t happen often, but if you use your Mac regularly, you’ll see that there are a lot of duplicate documents. You can manually delete these documents by sorting the documents by name so that you can see the duplicates. It will take some time to go through all of your documents, but try to see how happy you are with a stylish computer.

  1. Backups
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Backups are designed to increase ease of use by protecting you from some errors or problems with the system. So you really want to have a backup of your files. We definitely don’t want to say that you should delete the most recent backup, but you probably won’t need old backups anymore. If you make a new backup, the old one will not be replaced but will be added. So you can delete old backups without any problems.

Hopefully, you can use this method to clean your Mac’s hard drive. If all goes well, you can go back to work in no time and no longer see the message “Your Mac’s startup disk is full”.

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