What Herstel-NL does with a science picture

There are a number of leading economists (or: they were) against the current lockdown. They say the British variant of the virus is not so bad. One explains: “ In December, I also did extensive calculations and models to distribute the British Alternative. My impression is that fear has been wrongly implanted about this. What does this statement do to visualize science?


Looks so cool, these RIVM models. But what exactly does this model represent? You’ve clearly put a model like this together, as you might think – between Christmas turkey and oliebollen. Moreover, this economist does it all alone – you don’t need an entire institute for that.


This model for this economist is also much better. RIVM’s accounts are so wrong that there is “fear mongering”.


Then “I” in this statement. Usually, a scientist presents his model to fellow scientists. They look for vulnerabilities and the model takes advantage of that. You do not go out except after a positive judgment. But here the economist comes out immediately. What is the consequence? Our fellow scholars are forced to criticize publicly, which is not sentimental: “fundamental fallacy”, “silly”, “stupid.”

Photo: Each scientist has its own role model and scientists are fighting the streets. Science is just opinion.

With a clever term, you can not only describe reality, but also create it. Hans de Bruyne is an expert in public administration and a debate specialist. It analyzes the guideline language for policymakers every week.

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