What iPhones Are Still Updating?

iOS 15 was released in September and with it you get a lot of new features on your iPhone. What are those, can you Read our profile About the new operating system. Do you have an iPhone with an old version of iOS on it? Or are you planning to buy an old (used) iPhone? Then you may ask yourself: What iPhones are still being updated?

What iPhones Are Still Updating?

iOS 15 was released this fall. Can you download the iOS 15 update, you may be wondering. Because with such a major update, Apple usually abandons support for older devices. The good news is, this year it wasn’t. All devices running iOS 14 can be updated to iOS 15. This also applies to all devices running iOS 13. Specifically: iOS 15 can be installed on the following iPhones:

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iOS 15 is already installed on the new 2021 iPhone (iPhone 13). Not sure which iPhone you have? Then take a look at our overview with All iPhone Models. iOS 15 no longer works on iPhone 6 (Plus) or earlier.

And what about the future?

Next year, there will be another major update for the iPhone, iOS 16. There is a good chance that some older devices can no longer update. At the moment, there is talk of the iPhone SE from 2016 and the iPhone 6s from 2015. These devices have undergone updates for six to seven years, which is huge in terms of smartphone terms. For example, the Consumers Association finds a four-year period after filing acceptable.

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iOS 15 installation not working, so what now?

Is your iPhone too old, and you can no longer install the latest software? This is not an immediate cause for panic. Your phone will continue to function as it does now, and only new features and improvements will be added. Apple still provides the most important security updates.

After a while, you will notice that some apps stop working on your phone. WhatsApp, for example, no longer supports iPhones that are about ten years old. And banking apps are dropping support relatively quickly. It all has to do with security, it is very difficult to build security for old software that is completely modern. If you use these types of apps, you should really be looking forward to a new phone by then.

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