What is mixed, augmented and virtual reality in Apple Vision Pro?

Apple has something new: the Apple Vision Pro. This is a futuristic looking headset also called “mixed reality glasses”, where augmented reality and virtual reality come together. You’re probably wondering what it all means. We’ll explain it to you!

Meaning of augmented reality (AR)

If you translate augmented reality literally, you get something like “augmented reality” or “augmented reality.” With augmented reality, a layer of digital information is added to the reality around you. If you look, for example, through an iPhone or special glasses, you see virtual objects or characters in your real environment.

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Examples: augmented reality websites and applications

One well-known example of augmented reality is the Pokémon Go app, which has been very popular for some time. In this app you see virtual monsters roaming your street. Or consider the Ikea app, where you can place full-sized digital furniture in your living room to check if it matches the rest of your interior design.

Apple Vision Pro also displays digital content in reality around you – Apple calls this “spatial computing.” Apps seem to float around you in the space you’re in. Your canvas is infinitely large, and you can place applications exactly where you find them useful.

What is virtual reality?


To make it seem more realistic, sound is also used. You can also use virtual reality on the Apple Vision Pro. There are digital environments to relax in, which Apple calls “environments.” With the rotation of the Digital Crown, you imagine yourself on a tropical beach, a mountain or the moon and forget the world around you.

Virtual and augmented reality together: mixed reality

But in the end, what is the meaning of mixed reality? In Apple’s case, the issue is twofold.

First of all: Mixed Reality is a cross between Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. You can still see parts of reality. Virtual objects are placed there, but they are less stable than augmented reality. Digital objects are better integrated into reality and appear less sticky. You can also interact with it more. With Apple Vision Pro, you can control everything with your eyes, hands, and voice. This blurs the boundaries between the physical and digital world even further.

With Apple Vision Pro, mixed reality also means combining augmented reality and virtual reality into one device. With the rotation of the Digital Crown (you know this from your Apple Watch), you can switch from augmented reality to virtual reality. Apple wouldn’t be Apple if it didn’t give it a special touch.


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If you are reachable and someone approaches, the screen will show a projection of your eyes and facial expressions. This prevents others from feeling like they’re communicating via a black bar, and ensures you stay present in the space you’re in.

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