WhatsApp will soon let you send photos in high quality

Many people quickly send a picture via WhatsApp to family or friends. WhatsApp reduces these images, which have advantages, but also disadvantages. Soon you will be able to choose whether or not to resize the images.

Send pictures via WhatsApp

In 2017 we already have searched To send images via chat applications such as WhatsApp. These applications are often used to send photos. However, what not everyone knows is that photos are reduced in size when sent via some of these apps, with quality lost. This means that files are sent faster and you can save your mobile data.

However, the drawback is that the quality of the photos is significantly reduced. Our research showed that WhatsApp also compresses images: “If images do not have to be immortalized in perfect quality, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp offer reasonable quality.” Fortunately, that will change soon because in the latest beta version of WhatsApp it has been discovered WABetaInfo New section in video quality settings so you can send videos in the best available quality. The same setting will also be done for the images, so you can choose the quality for both later.

Choose the download quality in WhatsApp

You can choose from three options:

  1. Auto (recommended): WhatsApp determines for each image the best way to send/resize it.
  2. best quality: WhatsApp will send the image in the best quality available.
  3. Saving data: Compression is enabled when Data Saver is enabled in Android Settings.

This feature appeared before too In the circle of rumors then we wondered how WhatsApp applies compression to files. For example, it is not known how much mobile data you can save with Data Saver mode compared to Best Quality. We also don’t know yet how WhatsApp automatically determines if video files have been significantly shrunk. So there are still a lot of questions about this new feature and we hope that WhatsApp will announce more about it soon when it is launched.

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Please note that the ability to select image and video quality is currently under development. So users with the latest version cannot access the functions. Hopefully this feature will be rolling out to both photos and videos at the same time, and will most likely be first in beta before making its way to the stable version. follow on this link To participate in the WhatsApp beta program.

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