New color options for iPhone 12 MagSafe cases

A series of photos on the Chinese social network platform Weibo Showcasing new color options for MagSafe cases for iPhone 12. The same color options also appear on Twitter via DuanRui from Trusted Insider.

Read on after the announcement.

Four new color options for iPhone 12 MagSafe cases

The photos, which were shared via Weibo and Twitter, show different color options. It now appears that Apple is introducing the colors pale blue, dark purple, light green, and orange / salmon pink. Also in 2020, Apple released new covers in similar colors in the spring, but these covers were intended for IPhone 11.

The supposed new color options were shared by DuanRui Insider, among others. In the past, this Twitter site has already shared accurate information about the product name for IPhone 12 mini.

Are Apple Watch bands ready for spring, too?

In 2020, Apple has also released new cases as well as new iPhone 11 cases Apple WatchTapes. If the company decides the same again this year, the new color options that have surfaced may also apply to the Apple Watch’s smartwatch wristbands.

MagSafe: iPhone 12 Magnetic Connect

MagSafe was first introduced with the arrival of the iPhone 12. So it’s also one of the most interesting functions of this phone. But what exactly is it and what can you do with it?

MagSafe primarily aims to make chargers and accessories – including the smartphone case – work better with an iPhone. Thanks to MagSafe Magnet, the cases can be attached to your iPhone easily and safely. Plus, completely new things are possible. There is also a small card holder that you can “stick” to the back of your iPhone. The helpful thing is that the magnets are so strong that you can stick several MagSafe products together. iPhone 12 with MagSafe case and MagSafe card holder in it, for example.

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