Cornell and Zoe raise money for refugee food: “1,200 balls for a good cause” –

Cornell ‘Snor’ Brock and his good friend Jose van de Capel have raised a whopping six hundred euros in recent weeks by selling minced meat or vegetarian balls. “With that money, we buy food for the people in the refugee camp in Dunkirk,” Cornell said.

Cornell Brockway is well known to his friends and on social media as the ‘mustache’, actually because of his facial hair. As Snor Neil, he shows himself to be a particularly cautious, socially involved, and critical citizen on Facebook and beyond. Suffering and inequality in the world are close to his heart and he wants to clarify it with humor or provocative quotes.

He was not indifferent to the plight of refugees in Dunkirk, France, who mainly wanted to reach the United Kingdom. “The police want to get those people out of there. After they’ve already cut down the tents, they are now even focusing on removing or destroying food,” says Cornell. “It simply came to our notice then. Some of my friends now go to camp for help every weekend, but due to increasing demand, resources are gradually running out. I had already collected a lot of clothing and other items myself and brought it there with friends from the agent. ”

“My good friend Jose van de Capell also saw photos from the camp on Facebook and wanted to do something to help the refugees. But since she has to work on the weekends, there are certain methods when she is available to help on the spot; This is not always easy for me. As a result, we came up with the idea of ​​making something delicious here and selling it to anyone who wants to help us, including friends, acquaintances and refugees. We decided to make meatballs with meat – that is, meatballs – and a variant of the meat substitute. ”

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Cornelius and Sow thought of everything and offered three types: slightly spicy Asian balls, soft and creamy creamy love balls and wagon balls.

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“We had a week on Facebook ‘live’ and after closing orders on Monday, March 22, we started making balls. It turned out to be a lot of hard work and we could have underestimated it a bit; eventually we had to make 1,200 balls. Fortunately, we got some help from friends and family. “Some people spontaneously supported our campaign by putting the free amount in our account number. We use the proceeds for பொருட்க 627 for relief items. We need a lot more help, so we’re going to do our ‘ball campaign’ again.” (PTV) Those wishing to support can deposit at the account number: BE89 9730 3243 2285

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