White boy can recover safely, black boy hits his knee in the neck: amazement at police action in an American brawl

The New Jersey governor was shocked, the mayor had to cancel the council meeting due to security concerns, and calls for the two officers to resign were loud. “We understand that this video disturbed the residents,” said the police, who asked the prosecutor to investigate the matter.

The brawl took place in a mall last weekend, but it has only drawn attention now that his photos have gone viral. According to the Civil Rights Movement NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored PeopleIt is sad to see how the two white officers immediately view the white teenager as the “victim” and the black youth as the perpetrator. “Despite years of talk about training aimed at preventing bias,” the organization said.


The video shows how the two, surrounded by friends and classmates, often talk to each other. According to the black boy, Kye, he defended his younger friend who was being bullied by the white teenager. As the controversy intensifies, the white boy points his finger at the black teenager’s face.