Why choose health insurance with multilingual service


Therefore, when purchasing private health insurance, it is a good idea to check whether the company has multilingual staff and whether the medical staff has centers that provide care in different languages ​​to give you security, closeness and peace of mind.

ASSSAa health insurance company, has more than 80 years of experience in the healthcare field and is largely specialized in providing care to international citizens.

The priority of this insured is to be close to the insured. That is why ASSSA has a wide network of its own offices with multilingual staff who are always attentive to each individual. This ensures that smooth and pleasant communication is guaranteed.

Staff also understand that it can be difficult to perform procedures in a foreign language. This is why they are willing to help explain insurance and Medicare issues.

To ensure complete transparency and ensure that the insured know exactly what services they are contracting for, and what the terms, conditions and legal aspects are, ASSSA makes all its informational documents, manuals and contracts available in several languages. Likewise, the website is available in six different languages ​​so that you can easily refer to the medical overview, the services provided and the latest company news.

Since one of its main goals is to provide peace of mind to its clients, ASSSA takes care of the health of its policyholders through a medical team that prioritizes humane treatment and quality. For this, the insurance company has access to a wide range of international clinics and hospitals with advanced technology and multilingual care, so that language is not a problem.

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For all these reasons, with ASSSA it is much easier and faster to obtain private health insurance, apply for a residence permit and take care of your health in Spain.

ASSSA, health insurance in Spain in your language. know more? Check out their website Caller data.

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