Why do people in these countries live to a higher lifespan than the world average?

We all know that plenty of exercise and a healthy diet are important to us. But do we realize that a healthy lifestyle affects our age? People around the world live above average in so-called blue zones.

Writer Dan Buettner coined the term ‘BlueZone’ or blue zone. Book books Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from People Who Lived Longer translator Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the Longest Lived. In it, he talks about five places where many residents age without health problems. These are ages over 100 years old.

A healthy lifestyle in the blue zones

Buettner discovered some features common to different countries. Most of the population lives a healthy lifestyle. What exactly is “healthy” remains a matter of debate, of course, but according to the author, there was a common denominator to this. Plenty of exercise, healthy and mindful eating, teamwork, space to think, relaxation and spirituality seem to be the key to a long life.

Okinawan, Japan Photo: Unsplash

Okinawan, Japan – About Japanese Okinawa He speaks And One writes a lot. The secret formula for many island centenarians includes three things: diet, social practices, and genetics. Their diet consists of small portions of food. Five times a day, the Japanese eat mainly fruits, vegetables, fish, and a little meat. Very nutritious, yet low in calories. The comfortable life of the island is arranged in such a way that the old people keep the purpose of their life, also called ikigai. The islanders also place great importance on social contacts and there are all kinds of initiatives to combat loneliness. Finally, yoga is an important activity on the island.

Ikaria hills in Greece Photo: Unsplash

Napping is healthy

Ikaria in Greece – Many residents of this Greek island live to be 90 or even older. At least a third of the population reaches this age easily. Often also in a healthy capacity. But what magic are they doing on that island? The recipe for a long and healthy life doesn’t seem so difficult. They value a strong sense of belonging. In addition, residents close their eyes for an afternoon nap. Finally, their Mediterranean diet has a positive effect on their physical condition. People eat a lot of vegetables, beans, whole grain products and, of course, Greek olive oil.
Loma Linda, California – Seventh-day Adventist denomination is located in Loma Linda. This church was founded in 1840 and flourished throughout the 20th century. Followers of the religion consider health to be one of the most important pillars of their faith. In America, about 9,000 Seventh-day Adventists form the core of the Blue Zone. These people live on average ten years longer than other Americans. This is thanks to their vegetarian diet, no use of alcohol or tobacco and plenty of exercise. In addition, from Friday evening to Saturday evening is reserved for rest.

above average age

Augliastra, Sardinia – It’s not just the white sand beaches and clear blue waters that make the residents age old. No. A vegetarian diet, plenty of exercise, and strong relationships with family members are also essential to a long life. The inhabitants hunted, fished, and harvested their food. They laugh and drink wine together. Ogliastra has the largest concentration of long-lived males. Because this region of Sardinia is quite isolated, the genes have remained largely intact.

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Nicoya in Costa Rica Photo: Unsplash

Nicoya, Costa Rica – The peninsula in Central America has things in order when it comes to the economy and healthcare. The peninsula is located 130 kilometers from Nicaragua. Under the motto “Plan de vida” or “reason to live,” seniors are being helped to stay active. In addition, listening and laughter are central to the family. Residents visit their neighbors regularly and the elderly often live with children or grandchildren. They also eat a relatively large amount of beans, pumpkin, corn, and tropical fruits. Sufficient exercise and spirituality ensures the health of the residents here.
It seems that a combination of a vegan diet, exercise, social connection, and spirituality will keep you looking young for a long time. Finally, we bring you a long and healthy life.

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Why do people in these countries live to a higher lifespan than the world average?

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