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It is assumed that mouth coverings will return to the public space. However, the smear policy in this area would make it difficult to bring the Dutch there again. This is while the benefit of mouth coverings is now really proven.

“The science behind face masks is pretty clear,” CNN writes. “And the evidence only got stronger during the pandemic. Studies have shown That the risk of spreading the coronavirus is greatly reduced by mouth masks and that some types of masks help prevent virus carriers from contracting the virus.”

“Mouth masks filter out the aerosols emitted when we breathe or talk. They are more effective at filtering large particles and less effective against the smallest particles,” Brian Pzdick, a researcher at the University of Bristol’s Aerosol Research Center told CNN.

“The biggest development is that there is a consensus that masks protect others from the virus, as much or more than the wearer himself,” Pzdik said. “The exact benefits in terms of preventing infection and saving lives are still being investigated, but even the small gains are worth it, because wearing a face mask is a small, inexpensive procedure that is much easier than quarantining or turning away.”

However, there is much aversion in the Netherlands to mouth coverings. According to experts, this is mainly due to the changed policy. For a long time, Jaap van Diesel of the Royal Institute of Pharmaceutical Industries has maintained that face masks are of no use, while scientists around the world believe otherwise.

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It was introduced then, much later than elsewhere, but the Dutch are now convinced that it will have little effect. Eventually we got used to it, but then it got cancelled again.

Now that people again have to wear a mouth covering, it’s getting tough. It has been a reason for many European countries to make it mandatory in public places. In countries such as Spain or France, the situation has been normal for a long time and therefore there is no longer any noise about it.

Bronn (nen): CNN

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