Why is your iPhone slow after downloading iOS 15

Does your iPhone feel different after downloading iOS 15? which can. In this article, we will explain how the new iOS version will affect your iPhone. Of course we are also looking at possible solutions.

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Why is my iPhone slow after downloading iOS 15?

So, you need to know a thing or two about updates in general. Apple releases two types of updates for your iPhone: temporary and release updates.

As the name suggests, temporary updates are relatively minor. They add a feature here and there, fix an annoying issue, and tweak the look of the app. However, the temporary iPhone update is not very exciting.

This does not apply to the so-called version update. Apple releases an annual update with the new iPhone. Many new features have been introduced, we will see new applications and (sometimes) fundamental changes to the operating system.

Why is iOS 15 causing problems?

Since last week, you can download iOS 15, the 2021 iPhone update. Almost every year people notice that their devices behave strangely after an update. For example, your iPhone responds slower than usual, apps don’t load as smoothly as usual and you notice a bit of stuttering when writing messages.

This year is no different. According to reports on websites and social media, iOS 15 is also causing the necessary issues. So the big question is: How is this possible?

The simple answer is: because your iPhone is still updating. The update screen may be off, but your device is still running in the background. For example, individual apps are all set up for iOS 15 and your important data is transferred from iOS 14.

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Fortunately, the solution is quite simple in most cases. Once you give your iPhone overnight, most of the background processes are done in the morning. Don’t forget to put your device on the charger, as the version update procedure consumes quite a bit of power.

Is your iPhone still feeling lethargic after a few days? Then there may be more. For example, try updating your apps. App developers must update their apps whenever Apple releases a new version of the iOS operating system. You can check for updates to your installed apps via the App Store. Simply tap on your Apple ID, scroll down and tap Update.

It can also sometimes help to disable background refresh. This feature ensures that frequently used apps are always kept up to date by retrieving new information (such as messages) in the background. Go to the Settings app, tap General, and then choose Background refresh to turn the feature off.

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More about iOS 15

iOS 15 adds all kinds of new features. For example, the Messages app and FaceTime have been given a new look. Apple also offers all kinds of privacy measures for your iPhone, so you can hide your IP address, for example. In the video below, we take you through all the new features:

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