Why is your nose above your mouth? “Delightful Science” gives the answer

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In the burgeoning range of podcasts, there’s a newcomer who wants to make science interesting and understandable to a wide audience: “Delicious Science.”

A weekly podcast of about forty minutes long for anyone who asks “Why?” Call. And who doesn’t now? Why is your nose above your mouth and not vice versa, one of these questions is discussed in the episode “How important is smell to us?”

Delightful Science by brother and sister Daan and Merlijn Schneiders. They constitute a kind of binary reporting of a serious scholar discussing a particular topic in an accessible manner, where possible with a sense of humor. The task is to explain the importance of the topic clearly and understandably. And if that threatens to fail—you can also learn a lot about something—there are Daan and Merlin who ask questions that you also feel listened to.

Dunn believes that it is important in this time of fake news that everyone understand the scientific facts and their applications in our daily lives. His sister does not have a scientific background, and as a companion, she does not always understand the interpretations of scientists. By stating this clearly, it precludes jargon and a lot of theoretical explanation.

They try enthusiastically and ingeniously to teach the listener something and they succeed. Relaxing brother-sister conversations will not differ much from the average small talk at the kitchen table and the creators and producers anticipate that this formula will appeal to many people, even if you leave physics as your first subject in school.

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What about that nose above your mouth? It hangs there like a natural gatekeeper to quickly warn you if food has spoiled. Science doesn’t have to be complicated.

The “Delightful Science” podcast can be listened to via Spotify and Apple, among others.

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