Why more Mercedes employees will switch to Red Bull

Following in the footsteps of Ben Hodgkinson, appointed by Red Bull as Technical Director of Red Bull Powertrains, the team managed to secure five Mercedes names, bringing the total to six. It is expected that it will not stop there.

Red Bull has always indicated that it wants to research the best minds in the automotive field and that the UK is a beautiful big fishing pond for this. Of course, one cannot ignore the engines division based on the Mercedes Brixworth. A look at the results of recent years in Formula 1 shows that very good people work there.

Racing News 365 He understood that more people would join Red Bull, people from different companies, but it was also said that more people would be from Mercedes.

We explained earlier that the minimum for Mercedes employees to switch to Red Bull is low, since the distance between the two manufacturers is less than fifty kilometers. Hence, resettlement is not necessary and therefore family life is not affected. However, this only explains why Red Bull was a good alternative to Mercedes, and it does not explain why they apparently wanted to leave the championship formation.

We know Red Bull is known for being very good to its employees. The fact that all of the newly recruited team members have a long history with Mercedes indicates that they never had a bad time there either, but Red Bull can examine things that Mercedes doesn’t have.

For now, the new engine to be built will only be placed in the rear of Red Bull and AlphaTauri cars, while Mercedes engines are also being purchased by customer teams Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams. The kind of uniqueness that Red Bull offers may be a factor in changing considerations.

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This feeling of “like we were one family” is reinforced by the fact that Red Bull will soon provide everything under one roof, from the chassis branch to the engine branch and everything in between. The same is true for Ferrari, but in the case of Ferrari, the no-having to move feature is clearly not valid.

Moreover, if one is already ready for a new challenge, now is the time to take on that new challenge. In the coming years, development of your existing engine will be frozen, so you will not be satisfied with that. The new engine, which will see the light in 2025 or 2026, has not been fully designed and developed yet, especially since these rules have not been concretely laid out yet.

The last fact also allows current Mercedes employees to take the necessary leave to start working for the competitor at all. They don’t have to start next week. If not until the end of 2022, as in Hodgkinson’s case, the time is good enough.

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