Vertigo and Sabzian talked about VAF’s research for a new film magazine

Nearly 65 years later, the curtain has fallen off Movie. The Flemish film magazine was in financial trouble and was already taking a break in October 2020.

Now the Flemish Audiovisual Fund wants 65,000 euros in annual subsidies Movie Invest in a freshly printed and online magazine.

VAF requests that the magazine focus on “independent film criticism with an emphasis on good films of cultural and social significance on the one hand and for the development of film culture in Flanders and beyond”.

The existing film magazines and websites are surprised. In February, a few, including rotary Herself, a cry for help because their current support is insufficient. The question arises why this is from Movie Do not use it to support them.

According to the VAF, the demise of the Movie The “midfield”, however, is no longer served. We are not looking for a carbon copy MovieVAF’s Diana Raspuit says: Standard.

Raspoet adds that there is a need for a magazine “to be read by the general public as well as true movie enthusiasts, but also by many film professionals who Movie Read’.

However, it is not entirely clear what the VAF means by ‘midfield’. “In order to have more insight into this, there will be a landscape drawing and a vision note,” says Pepa De Maesschalck of the film’s website. Sabzian.

Our suggestion was to wait for that and at the same time the money from Movie To be distributed to existing initiatives. “

“I wish everyone everything, but this completely ignores the frustration we just expressed,” said Stephen Toffin of rotary. “But wouldn’t we do it better by establishing collaboration between existing initiatives?”

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“With our limited support budget, we had to resort to advertising,” continues Tuffin. “When I hear that we are accused of being too mercantile in some direction, I can’t help but see a contradiction.

We ourselves did not choose this dispute. It was stated in our first grant agreement rotary It should be at the hinge as well as in the transmission servo. And we already have an enthusiastic audience with the other organizations out there. Why don’t we build on that more? “

Source: Standard

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