Public Food Safety Authority: Titanium dioxide is no longer a safe food additive

Titanium dioxide can no longer be considered a safe additiveThe European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has concluded from re-evaluation of titanium dioxide (also called titanium dioxide or E171). According to the European Food Control Authority, an effect on our genetic material cannot be ruled out. E171 has been used for years as a colorant in food, including soups and sauces.

The Federal Public Health Service is aware of the advice. A spokeswoman said, “The European Commission must now consider what is needed.” Belgian. More consultations will follow this month. The Public Service itself is currently analyzing the advice of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority.

• The government advises against using your free mouth masks

Titanium dioxide nanoparticles, also called titanium dioxide, were previously found in Avrox face masks, which the previous government made available to residents. The current government advises against using it, although it is possible that the nanoparticles have already come out after two washes.

• Lubrication, or no lubrication, which is a matter of vital importance

Titanium dioxide is also found in many sun creams. It wouldn’t hurt in a diffusable form, but sprays containing nanoparticles might not be sold in Europe anymore.

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