Brexit has fallen into trouble for Emile Fawry

British dressage contestant Email Fury was disappointed and angered when his planned participation in CDI3 * Opglabbeek in Belgium (22-25 April) was banned last month. Fury was with his best horse May gift The event was recorded, but had to turn around upon arrival in Calais due to a management error by the border control team in Dover. His pupil Theodora Livanus had to return with her horse.

“ The horses are in the hands of the Swiss and they travel on a Swiss cartel [een internationaal douanedocument dat nodig is sinds het Verenigd Koninkrijk de EU heeft verlaten]. All the papers were correct, but the people in Dover took the wrong piece of paper from the notebook, and once we got to Calais, the French would not accept it, ”Emile Fury told H&H.“ Even when the correct papers were scanned and sent to them, they did not accept it. ”

Tomlinson was allowed to continue

Fury traveled with his student, Greek Grand Prix racer and owner of Dono di Maggio, Theodora Livanos. The same Greek with her other horse Robinville Also participate in Oglabbeek. Both horses traveled on the same truck as Flatin From Laura Tomlinson, whose papers raise no problems. Tomlinson was allowed to drive to Belgium, while Emil had to arrange transportation to return the horses from Calais to his main base in Oxfordshire.

The craze for Brexit

“This trip was more important to Theo than it was to me, as she was trying to get her Olympic qualification to ride in Tokyo,” Fury told H&H. “It’s crazy that Brexit has changed things so drastically. I don’t see the reason behind that; it’s politics that plays games in people’s daily lives and doesn’t care about the well-being of the horses.”

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