Widget for Android app and Android Auto improvements

Flitsmeister has made many improvements to its apps. These are improvements to the beta version of Android Auto. You can now use a widget on your Android device.

Flitsmeister with the new beta version of Android Auto

Flitsmeister has released a new beta update for Android Auto. In February The first beta release of Android Auto has been released for Flitsmeister. Now is the time to make a lot of improvements in the latest version. In the latest version, the notification screen has been updated. This results in a more streamlined display. Thanks to the new “Route Guidance” feature, you can get lane indicators, so navigation is even more fun with Flitsmeister’s Android Auto app.

The piece

Another new feature is also available for the latest beta version of the Flitsmeister app. There is a widget that arrives at last for the Android app. This is clearly still in the development stage. Flitsmeister informs DroidApp that improvements will be made to the tool in the near future, so that it can be used by everyone. For now, it’s still very limited in terms of possibilities.

Flitsmeister tool

Flash Master
Flash Master
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