Will Apple reuse Tactic Studio for a new PC?

If we are to believe the latest rumors, Apple is doing the same Mac Studio trick to the Mac Pro in terms of processing power. The company may combine two M1 Ultra chips into one powerful system with forty cores. Of course, Apple itself has not revealed anything about it.

The M1 Ultra, which we find in Mac Studio, combines two M1 Max chips into one. The company achieves this with an intermittent connection called UltraFusion. As a result, two processors work as one, with twenty CPU cores, 64 GPU cores, and 32 Neural Engine cores.

From Mac Studio to Mac Pro

Now Apple may want to repeat this trick for the Mac Pro, adding two M1 Ultras To merge† The new processor is internally called Redfern. The source also shared via Twitter that the upcoming PC will be released in September. You can view the tweet, including a picture of the tables, below in the post.

If the above information is correct, Apple will combine four chipsets into one product via a long bridge. Apple uses three connectors for this. Two to integrate two pairs of the M1 Max processor and then another to make sure both pairs work together.

Are there no restrictions then?

This sounds cute and cute, but we can imagine there are limitations. And there they are. Without a new technology for bridge-building between processors, the Mac Pro cannot use more than 128GB of RAM. This is the same amount as in Mac studio

The rumors of a Mac Pro with 20-40 CPU cores and 64-128 GPU cores have been around for a long time. An image like the one above could of course be fake and was made specifically for the tweet, but it’s somewhere in line with expectations. Now waiting for an announcement from Apple.

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Does the new Mac Pro combine two Ultra chips for superior performance?

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