Will “The Empire of Lights”, written by Macritte from 1961, turn into a record tonight?

Different versions of “The Reem of Lights”

Further “Kingdom of Lights” Is one of Macrit’s most famous works. The theme was so successful, he painted 17 versions and 7 glasses in oil.

In 1961, Magrid drew the edition of “The Realm of Lights” Anne-Marie Crovet, A museum and good friend. She was already 16 when she was with her father Pierre Grovet, An art collector, introduced to the artist. The figure of Anne-Marie Gillian Crovet is also found in many of Macrit’s works. He has been friends with the painter and his wife Georgette for the rest of his life.

In 1955, Crovet, a Belgian tennis champion, married Baron Roland Gillian, An entrepreneur. They have donated their Art Nouveau collection to the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels. The “realm of lights” has always been in the hands of the family. From 2009 to 2020, they donated “The Realm of Lights” to the Magrid Museum in Brussels.

According to Helena Newman Sotheby’s’ “The Realm of Lights” is the main part of the spring auction today (including works by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh and Hockney). It is expected to change hands for more than EUR 53 million. This would be the record amount for a work by Macrit. In 2018, René Magritte’s “Le policy du plaisir” was auctioned off at Sotheby’s for 23.9 million euros. This rating is one of the highest for a work of art in Europe.

Magrid first began working on the edition of “The Realm of Lights” in 1948. He went back to the theme for many years and refined it.

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For this example he is generally considered to have been inspired by a nearby street Joseph Park In 1954 MacRae moves to the Sherbike. The work is said to have inspired a scene from the 1973 film The Exorcist.

“The coexistence of day and night is very poetic and generally surreal”

Creativity attracts the imagination. It borrows all the elements from everyday reality, but at the same time reveals a mysterious situation. That mysterious environment is due to the day-night difference. A street lamp is already lit on the facade of the house, which is covered in darkness behind the trees, while the blue sky with white clouds says it is daylight.

“The coexistence of day and night is very poetic and it is an excellent surreal,” says Helena Newman of Sotheby’s. “This cinematic work draws the viewer into the timeless world of MacArthur.”

Macrேte once said: “It seems to me that this stimulus of night and day has the power to amaze and enchant us. I call that power: poetry. If I find that this stimulus has so much poetic power, it is to some extent. But I never felt the will of one or the other. “

Source: vrtnws.be And morning

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