Willebroek unlocks new exercise methods: “A fun way to work on your health” | Willbrook

The Municipality of Willbrook opened the House of Leisure’s new exercise routes on Sunday, March 12th. These exercise methods were developed as part of the four-year “10,000 Steps: Every Step Counts!” exercise campaign. From the Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven vzw, Sport Vlaanderen, the Flemish Logos and the Welfare and Health Agency.

“Through these methods of exercise, we want to encourage our residents more to exercise and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. It’s a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with friends or family and work on your health. It’s an accessible way to encourage Everyone get to move more”. The exercise routes start at Het Huis van de Vrije Tijd in the Stadionlaan. Two routes leave together and split at the administrative center on Pastorijstraat. The short one is 4.5 km and the long one is 6.9 km. The exercise routes are indicated by green arrows and green signs showing calisthenics You make use of items found on the streets, such as benches, trees, and stairs.


The municipality has deliberately chosen to place these exercise methods in the center because the sport is less visible in this area. The walk takes you through the most beautiful and greenest areas in the center of Willebroek. The exercise modes are suitable for everyone: young people, the elderly, athletes or lesser athletes. It is especially fun with family or friends. “Exercise methods contribute to a healthier lifestyle and stimulate the social contacts and self-reliance of the elderly in their environment,” confirms local councilor Paavo Ancio (Open Vld), who is in charge of the Huis van de Zorg in Willebroek. “We hope that these ways of exercising will inspire everyone to exercise more and enjoy our wonderful municipality.”

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