Packed program worries SVV Scheveningen: “You play with the health of the players”

Scheveningen coach John Block: You play with the players’ health © Orange Pictures

The Hague – Training is no longer an option. It’s just a recovery. Jon Block, coach of SVV Scheveningen, is not happy about that. Next month, his team, which is just above the relegation line in the second division, will play two games a week as standard. It is a packaged program. “We are all happy to resume competition and we can finish it, but this is not sustainable.”

Matches canceled in recent weeks should catch up with “Schollekoppen” in the coming weeks. As a result, football is no longer only played on Saturday, but Tuesday can also be considered as a normal day for the match. Block, who fears injuries to his pick, thinks this is a very good thing.

“We have a fairly small team, but we also want to win. And then it’s hard to keep people fit. In fact, I think it’s crazy to play like that. You play with the health of the players. It’s not only annoying for us, but also for the people who use and pay for them.” for them.

Only training and recovery competitions

He says he hardly has time to train with his group of players. The busy schedule confirmed that he could only recover from the previous match while training. “If we play on Saturday, we recover on Monday,” Scheveningen describes. “On Tuesday we have another game, from which we recover on Thursday. Of course you look at what’s possible in every training, but actually that’s nothing more than a run, a game of center and bite to eat together. That is it.”

“Besides, my players are not used to it,” he continues. “If it’s your job, it’s a completely different story. Then you’re also well prepared. But if you stood still for two months, where you trained only once a week, and then had three weeks of preparation, it’s impossible. But we take it game by game and get the most out of it. I’m curious who approved this table at KNVB.

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