Windows 10 and 11 are no longer available for download in Russia

In Russia, it is no longer possible to download the installation file for Windows 10 or 11. It is not yet clear whether this is intentional.

sleeping computer Reports indicate that Russian visitors encounter an error message when they go to the download page on Microsoft’s website, for Windows 10 or 11. The US software giant has not commented on the matter yet. As a result, it remains unclear at the moment whether Microsoft consciously chose to stop offering its operating system as a download.

Windows 10 and 11 are not available

Russian surfers reported being redirected to Microsoft’s help page. They will initially see that the file was not found. Users who use a VPN in Russia (to hide their geographic location) can still download the ISO for Windows 10 and 11.

Perhaps this is just a deliberate strategy by Microsoft, as the tech giant has suspended all sales activities since the Russian invasion of Ukraine (in March). GitHub, part of Microsoft, began banning developer accounts in April, even when those people were no longer employed by the Russian employer.

In June, Microsoft announced that 400 employees would be laid off in Russia. A must for all activities in the state to be severely restricted† However, Microsoft said it will fulfill its contractual obligations with Russian customers. So it’s surprising how suddenly Windows installation files seem to be blocked.

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