Xbox genius lost old games errors

A viral Twitter post about an old Gamertag profile picture on someone’s Xbox 360, oddly cropped on every new Xbox console, prompted an Xbox engineer to just fix the problem.

the edge Reports indicate that Twitter user Noukon purchased a Pac-Man ghost selfie years ago and has kept it as his profile picture ever since. According to Nokon, Gamerpic cost 80 Xbox points in 2006 and was “the best dollar I’ve ever spent.”

Unfortunately, due to developments in the Xbox user interface, the image has now been cropped to resemble a square with an empty gray circle. Xbox engineer Eden Marie saw Nokoun’s tweet and decided to solve it in what she calls “my personal assignment.”

Marie posted an entire thread of the process on Twitter, which started with buying the same profile picture package as Noukon (now costs $2.38) before she was able to track down the issue and eventually fix it.

According to Marie, “Someone decided a long time ago that a 360 Gamerpic should never be more than 72 x 72 pixels. The rest of the background is filled with an enlarged, exploding version of the image,” says Marie.

The solution lies in the ability of the Xbox Dashboard to recognize transparent PNG files. This allowed Mary to use the small, square 360 ​​Gamerpic and place it in a transparent circle with modified dimensions resulting in a naturally occurring Pac-Man ghost avatar of Noukon.

Mary solved it with something called Exploration Time, where members of the Experiences team can spend half a day a week solving random issues with the product. “I definitely used this week to save ghosts,” Marie wrote on Twitter.

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