Yes, the sun is becoming more active, but there is no “online apocalypse”!

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Non-existent warnings from NASA have been circulating recently on the internet about a months-long global internet outage due to a major solar storm in 2025. Contrary to what these panic reports claim, there is no such thing as an “internet apocalypse” ever coming. Panic over this disaster that has been going on for months began brewing on social media platforms shortly after a 2021 study titled “Solar Superstorms: Plotting an Online Apocalypse” suggested that a major solar storm could seriously damage the global internet and its infrastructure. , especially cables. Under the sea that connects the continents. Despite the fact that our star, the Sun, is becoming more active, a complete outage of the Internet is imminent!

End of the World Online

The current panic is fueled by a non-existent alert from NASA about an impending “internet apocalypse”. Most of the lies refer to an article the space agency published in March about its efforts to predict solar storms using artificial intelligence. However, NASA never used the phrase “internet apocalypse” in that article or anywhere else on its website. Instead, it stems from the same 2021 study whose sole author, Sangeetha Abdu Jyoti, recently told The Washington Post that she regretted using the phrase and that her paper “got a lot of attention.” Online concerns were also bolstered by peer-reviewed research from earlier this year that showed the sun could be at its current peak activity in 2024, a year earlier than previously expected. While scientists expect major solar storms to occur after peak solar activity, there is no evidence to support viral rumors that the next major solar storm will cause internet outages. The effects of major solar storms on power grids and communications systems are well documented, so “it’s good to be informed, to constantly monitor and evaluate the Sun-Earth system and the heliosphere system,” Vishal Upendran, research associate at Lockheed’s Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory in California, said to website. However, he added, “more studies are needed to make strong claims about the strength of solar storms.”

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Scientists did not expect a deadly solar storm in July 2025

Despite numerous claims about how the sun can kill the Earth and our infrastructure, there are no scientific predictions that a deadly solar storm will occur in 2025. According to Upendran, predicting the severity of damage that solar storms might cause on Earth is complex. For example, as the Sun approaches the peak of its magnetic activity, the structures on its surface become increasingly complex, making it difficult to form. In addition, solar flares from the Sun are three-dimensional structures that interact with Earth’s magnetic field system, which is also a three-dimensional structure, in ways that are not fully understood and therefore difficult to model. “These are complex systems and it would be inappropriate to make a strong statement about the occurrence of superstorms,” ​​Upendran told He and his team developed an artificial intelligence model that uses satellite solar wind data to generate forecasts of solar storms up to 30 minutes in advance of their occurrence. “The great strength of our model is that it can make predictions in seconds and give results every minute on a 30-minute time horizon,” he said.

The team hopes their model will give satellite operators, power grid operators, and telecom companies enough advance notice to pause their systems or move satellites to safer orbits to limit damage. Such predictions could be useful during an increase in solar activity, which is expected to occur in July 2025, according to official forecasts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This is when the sun’s magnetic activity, which gives rise to sunspots and solar flares, reaches its peak, but there are no official estimates of the damage solar storms can cause when that time comes.

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The Parker Solar Probe is not a distraction from the Great Reset.

Misinformation is also circulating that NASA is using the Parker Solar Probe mission to save the Internet as a front to support The Great Reset, which began as a global policy initiative by the World Economic Forum to help the economy recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, but has since been consolidated into a number of Countless conspiracy theories. “It means we can’t contact each other, we can’t contact each other, we can’t connect to the internet and much more,” said one person in a viral Facebook video, according to a fact-checking service called “But it also means they can perform The Great Reset in silence without anyone knowing.” The video was flagged as fake news by Facebook and has since been removed.


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