You can do this for stretched earlobes

What is it actually like? Do your ears get bigger as you get older? Yes, that’s right, says Elian. “That’s because the ear is made of cartilage, which is a soft bone. The cartilage continues to grow as you get older. Then the ears get a little bigger and the felt grows as well.”


“As we age, we experience a loss of volume. Not only does our skull shrink, but so do the layers of skin and the deeper fat layer. Everything gets smaller on the inside. It actually leaves a lot of skin and muscle groups behind,” he explains. until Outside.

“Because the earlobes are attached to the skull, but actually have no support, you have to deal with gravity. The ears seem to be getting longer and longer.

Especially if women always wear very heavy earrings, they suffer from this attractiveness. But lifestyle habits such as plenty of sun exposure also cause more relaxation.

Operation or filling

Now you can strictly treat your ear surgically, but according to Ilian, it is more radical. The earlobe is then actually reconstructed, reducing its size.

The easiest way to treat earlobes is to fill them with hyaluronic acid filler. This is a biodegradable product that instantly restores earlobe volume. “This will give you young earlobes again and you can also wear earrings again.”

Disturbing your ears

Most women start to notice the shape of their ears when they reach the age of 50 or 60 and realize that they can no longer wear the earrings of the past. You can also choose to fill out your earlobes so that they fit well over the whole.

“The advantage of ear fillings is that they last longer. They stay in place. The ear is fixed, unlike the jaw or mouth.

Keep in mind, says Elian, that you definitely need a milliliter of filler. “Definitely half a milliliter per ear and sometimes more. “It depends on the loss of volume.”

Treatment plan

How much does something like this cost? It is not cheap. A milliliter of filler costs €500 and you will have to repeat the treatment every few years because the product breaks down.

As a cosmetic dermatologist, Eliane looks at the entire face and the earlobes are often the last step. “I always include the ear in the entire treatment plan. Because if the ears no longer match the face, that’s the final touch.

source: doctor. Eliane Brennenkmeyer/advertisement

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