YouTube to sell subscriptions to other video services

YouTube wants to offer its platform to other video services to sell their streaming subscriptions. who – which Writes The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) based on sources familiar with the plans. YouTube users will be able to watch free trailers of series and movies from streaming services in the new section and then easily get a subscription.

Streaming services that partner with YouTube must share a portion of the revenue with YouTube subsidiary Alphabet, just as app developers must partner with the Android app store and the Google Play Store. The newspaper wrote that YouTube is still in talks with all kinds of parties about the distribution of income and the specific conditions. The Channel Store is slated to launch this fall. Alphabet not yet attached.

Battle for subscribers

Because of the fierce competition, threatening streaming services lose subscribers. A partnership with YouTube, the world’s largest video service, could increase the number of new subscribers. so it is 95 percent An active American youth on YouTube.

Many smaller broadcast parties are already working with larger services. so cross Amazon Prime Video Subscriptions to all kinds of specialized services, such as arthouse films or documentaries, works by Viaplay in the Netherlands together With the Starzplay service. Dutch internet providers also sell subscriptions to streaming services to their customers.

Starz CEO Jeffrey Hirsch told The Wall Street Journal that aggregation services are more practical for users and that streaming viewing is becoming available to more people.

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