YouTube will display ads between YouTube Short

YouTube has invested heavily in YouTube Short in recent months, which is a YouTube function that focuses on short videos. Just like the videos on TikTok, they are ideal for viewing on a smartphone. On TikTok, you actually see a lot of commercials that pass between videos and this will also be the case with YouTube Shorts.

Google has announced that it will start showing ads between videos on YouTube Shorts. At the moment, that was not the case with the job.

youtube short

YouTube has to keep up with the times and it does so nowadays with YouTube shorts – which rely heavily on TikTok -. You can do it, just like tik tok Watch short videos shot in portrait mode, so you can easily watch them on your smartphone. Like TikTok, it’s a feed that you can swipe up to see new videos.

However, the big difference with TikTok was that you haven’t seen any ad on YouTube Shorts at the moment. So you can scroll without being interrupted by any commercial. This is now changing. Because starting this week, Google will be showing video ads among YouTube shorts. The company itself announced this during a Marketing Live event.

Positive for creators

Jerry Deschler, Vice President and General Manager of Google Ads, said at Blog post We already know that serving ads will be positive for YouTube shorts makers. They will get a share of the profits, as is already the case with traditional YouTube videos.

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Right now, YouTube Short creators are getting paid by the so-called YouTube Shorts Box† This chest was created specifically for Shorts. The fund has a $100 million portfolio (about 94 million euros) through which users are paid based on the number of views and interactions their videos get. This relates to amounts from 100 to 10,000 dollars (94 to 9,400 euros) per video.

But in the future, there will be more money creators can make on YouTube Shorts because they can also monetize from ads.

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