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The iPhone 13 launch is imminent, and the question is: What does Apple do with the camera? In this article we list our main predictions.

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This is how Apple will improve the iPhone 13 camera

Only a few weeks until Apple announces iPhone 13 in a. the iPhone 12And iPhone 12 miniAnd iPhone 12 Pro in a iPhone 12 Pro Max It is possible that both will have a direct heir. We’re not expecting a “new” model this year.

Apple keeps its jaw closed as usual. Fortunately, the rumor mill is running overtime, so we can share some predictions about the camera, or rather the iPhone 13 cameras. How will Apple improve this important part of the iPhone?

iPhone 13 (small)

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini both have the same cameras. We assume that this also applies to their successors. We don’t think Apple is working on fix will mess around. This means entry models have three cameras: two in the back and one in the front. Here’s what we expect from the iPhone 13 (mini) camera:

  • 12MP primary camera
  • 12MP wide angle lens
  • 12MP Selfie Camera

This sounds a little boring, but it’s possible that Apple is messing with the cameras. For example, there are rumors that iPhone 13 has improved image stabilization Obtains. He. She sensor shiftiPhone 12 Pro Max will arrive on all new iPhones.

As a result, your photos are transferred at a lower speed and you can take better photos in the dark. maybe iPhone 13 and 13 mini also have a better wide angle lens, allowing more light to enter. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this feature is reserved for Pro models.

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Another great feature is that iPhone 13 videos in Portretmodus can shoot. This makes it possible to blur the background. This has been possible with photos since iPhone 7 Plus from 2016.

iPhone 13 Pro (Max) camera

Today’s biggest iPhone, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, has better cameras than the regular iPhone 12 Pro. We’re not sure, but several analysts expect the Pro models to feature exactly the same lenses this year.

This is not a crazy idea, because iPhone 11 Pro and the iPhone 11 Pro Max She was also equal to the front of the camera. We expect the following cameras on the iPhone 13 Pro (Max):

  • 12MP primary camera
  • 12MP wide angle lens
  • 12 MP telephoto lens
  • 12MP Selfie Camera

This is the same set of cameras found in the iPhone 12 Pro (Max). The primary camera of the iPhone 13 Pro is likely to get a larger sensor, similar to that of the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Other than that, there doesn’t seem to be much change in the main camera. The improvement is mainly in the ultra-wide-angle lens. It probably lets more light into the Pro models. This camera will also have autofocus and image stabilization for the first time. This should ensure better and clearer images.

Made last year Apple ProRAW, which allows you to edit photos more beautifully. Perhaps the same will happen with the video this year. ProRes should allow professionals to shoot movies in higher quality. Moreover, portrait mode will work better on Pro models, because Apple will make more use of the LiDAR scanner. It can estimate distances and thus know which part of the image should be out of focus.

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